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Strategic Marketing

Amplifying your brand’s potential into tangible growth and success.

Drive Growth & Engagement

At Now Squared™, we believe effective marketing is essential for business success. Our Strategic Marketing Services are designed to create strategic, data-driven campaigns that elevate your brand and drive measurable results.

Digital Campaigns

We create customised digital marketing strategies using market research and audience insights to craft impactful campaigns that effectively engage your target audience.

Email Campaigns

Enhance customer relationships with personalised email marketing. We focus on delivering tailored content that nurtures leads, retains customers, and drives meaningful engagement.

PPC Optimisation

Maximise your ROI with targeted PPC advertising. We design and manage effective ad campaigns to drive traffic, generate leads, and ensure your ads reach the ideal audience at the optimal time.

Audience Targeting

Refine your marketing efforts with precise audience targeting. We analyse and segment your audience to tailor campaigns that effectively reach and engage the right people.

Why Strategic Marketing?


We focus on delivering measurable outcomes that drive business growth and success.

Custom Strategy

Our customised solutions are designed to align with your distinct goals and target audience.

Expert Team

Our experts leverage years of experience and insights to develop strategies that drive results.

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